Flat Oval Spiral Duct

Flat Oval Spiral Duct

Airside Sheet Metal Fabricators, Inc. produces flat oval and double wall ducts from 16 x 6-inches to 59 x 18-inches and related fittings.


No job is too small or large for Airside Sheet Metal Fabricators, Inc. to take on. Each pipe length is manufactured in 10’ standard lengths, but all you have to do is ask, and we can custom cut the length to your requirements.

Using our gorelock machines ensure a tight seam which reduces leakage on every fitting.

It’s more than stretching spiral pipe into oval, it’s an art form and at Airside Fabricators, we love to create Flat Oval Spiral Duct and related fittings. Each pipe length and all fittings are fit tested in our fabrication shop to ensure proper fit and conforms to SPIDA standards.

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Perforated Flat Oval

Fabrication Contact Info

Joe Quigley
Fabrication Supervisor

Phone: (973) 786-6967 x213
Fax: (973) 786-6964
Email: jq@airsidesheetmetal.com

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Sales Contact Info

Chris Miller
Outside Sales

Phone: (973) 786-6967 x233
Fax: (973) 786-6964
Email: cmiller@airsidesheetmetal.com