Welded B.I. Grease Duct

Welded Black Iron Grease Duct

Welded Black Iron Grease Duct is designed and created to vent grease laden vapors from commercial cooking equipment to outside the building safely. At Airside Sheet Metal Fabricators, Inc. we take special pride in fabricating this type of ductwork knowing the safety requirements and hazards in venting these types of fumes.

All our Welded Black Iron Grease Duct we fabricate is made from cold rolled (minimum of 16 gauge) metal and is in compliance with NFPA 96. Please also check your local building and fire code for special requirements.

We also manufacture Fresh Air Duct to complete the kitchen venting system. Just ask and we can support your needs.


Fabrication Contact Info

Joe Quigley
Fabrication Supervisor

Phone: (973) 786-6967
Fax: (973) 786-6964
Email: jq@airsidesheetmetal.com

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Sales Contact Info

Chris Miller
Outside Sales

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Fax: (973) 786-6964
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